The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Good People Give Ear

Words: J. Barmby

Music: John Swire
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Source: Carol #711, Rev. Charles Lewis Hutchins, Carols Old and Carols New (Boston: Parish Choir, 1916)

1. Good people, give ear,
As we sing loud and clear
Our song of a Christmas morning.
In Jewry of old,
As the prophets foretold,
A glory came down to the earth:
And angels on high
Sang loud from the sky,
So we may have gladness and mirth.

2. O list, young and old,
As we sing in the cold
Our song of a Christmas morning.
It was cold on the plains,
Where a few silly swains
Were watching their flocks in the night;
But a glory shone round,
And sweet music did sound,
And the welkin was fill'd with delight.

3. Awake ye, and hear
For your solace and cheer,
Our song of a Christmas morning.
Anon were they 'ware
That an angel stood there,
And 'Fear not,' said he, 'nor be sad;
For a Saviour is born
To a world that was lorn,
And therefore ye all may be glad.'

4. O hear, great and small,
And God bless you all,
Our song of a Christmas morning.
There came in due time
From a far eastern clime
Certain wise men led on by a star;
Their gifts they unroll'd,
Myrrh, incense, and gold,
And bore the glad tidings afar.

5. Now peace to you all
And deliv'rance from thrall
Our song of a Christmas morning.
Our story is told,
Yet have heard it of old,
We sing the same song every year:
But it ever is new
To hearts that are true:
May God of His grace send you cheer!

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Sheet Music from Charles L. Hutchins

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