The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Good People All Listen A While

The Dying Mans good Counsel to his Children and Friends.

Being a fit pattern for Old and Young, Rich and Poor, Bond and Free to take example by
the same, that they may live an honest sober Godly life in this world; that they may
enjoy life everlasting in the World to come.

For The New Year

 English Traditional

London Printed for J. Wright, J. Clarke. W. Thackery, and T. Passinger, 1681-1684

Good People All Listen A While, Pepys 2.44
 The Pepys Collection
Located at English Broadside Ballad Archive
University of California, Santa Barbara

To the Tune of in Summer time.

Good people all listen a while
& give ear unto my song,
Let not vain thoughts your hearts beguile
nor be led by no evil tongue.

All you that stands about my bed
and here is come my death to view,
Think on my words when I am dead
and what I speak you'l find them true.

First to my Children I will speak
which in this world I now must leave,
See that a godly course you take
And look no man you do deceive,

Help for to Right the fatherless
the hungry see you cloath and feed,
Wrong not a widdow in distress
thou know'st not but thou maist come to need.

What thou dost give, give with a good will
rejoyce not at thy brothers fall,
To make neighbours friends pray use your skill
a day will come will pay thee all.

Hate not a man tho he be poor
let not pride thy heart overthrow
Relieve those that ask at thy door
thou knowest not what thou may come to.

FOr Gold and silver is but dross
and Goods has wings to fly away,
But count that same a greater loss
that brings thy soul unto decay.

Hate drunkenness that deadly sin
which will bring thee to poverty,
A Harlots door dont enter in
be sure no good will come thereby.

Likewise my daughters which I have
and to other maidens I will speak,
That when I am laid within my Grave
my counsel they much on may make.

O mind your Bibles more then pride
for in this world thou have not long to stay
And God above will be your guide
if you his holy word obey.

Dress you your selves in civil sort
be not pufft up with every wind.
Do not regard the worlds report
and thou Reward in Heaven shalt find.

For all these earthly joyes are vanity
therefore mark well what I shall say,
Tho thou dost climb never so high
yet still thou art but dust and clay.

Man's life you see is like a span
or like the flowers i'th field do grow,
Here to day, to morrow is gone
all this for certain truth we know.

Then who woud be proud of what they have
when death doth come thou must away,
The Rich the poor must go to'th Grave
for time and Tide for none will stay.

Rejoyce O young man in thy youth
yet count thy mirth but vanity,
And know this for certain truth
that one day thou and all must dye.

Do not we see before our eyes
how sudden some are snatcht away,
Death at our doors he knocks and cryes
prepare you for your dying day.

Yet some on their means do set such love
their hearts so hardened are withall,
They think not on that God above
though he himself to them doth call.

But let me perswade all such as those
with speed a new life to begin,
For when that death thine eyes do close
thoul't find what danger thou art in.

Therefore whilst thou hast time and space
make use of it while you are here,
Then welcome death come when thou wilt
of it thou needs not stand in fear.

For after death comes you can't repent
and for every idle word you say,
And how thy precious time thou'st spent
thou must give account at the latter day.

What pleasure man here canst thou find
altho thou sports thy time away,
Thy glass is running prethee mind
thy soul doth both waste and decay.

Thus Friends and Neighbours you da hear
what a righteous man he doth come too,
T[h]en to serve the Lord let it be your care
and so I bid you all adieu.

And then departed this old man
in love in happiness and peace,
No doubt his soul to heaven is gone
where Angels sing and never cease

All you that now have heard these Lines
& mark these words which here is pen'd,
I pray you bear them in your mind
that you may make a Godly End.

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