The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Gold for the King of Kings

A Communion Carol For the Midnight Mass of the Nativity

Words: William Chatterton Dix (1837-1865)

Music: Not Stated

Source: William Chatterton Dix, ed., Altar Songs - Verses On The Holy Eucharist. Second Edition, Enlarged. (London: John Hodges, 1868), #14, p. 24.

1. Gold for the King of Kings,
    A Monarch come to birth ;
Incense to greet the Babe
    Whose Flesh redeems the earth ;
Myrrh, for His precious Death :
    Thus came both sage and king :
So we with hands uplift
    To Christ oblation bring.

2 Thou liest here, dear Child,
    For Whom was found no room,
When Mary sought the inn
    With Thee within her Womb :
Our shrines are all too poor
    To give Thee fitting place,
Our eyes too dull to see
    The fulness of Thy Grace.

3. Yet surely Thou art here,
    Immaculate, Divine ;
O cold our faithless hearts,
    The Flesh, the Blood are Thine :
Receive, Incarnate Word,
    Sweet Babe Whom Mary kist.
Receive, our worship paid
    In this High Eucharist !

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