The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Full of Joy, In Sweet Accord

For the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Feb. 2)

Words: Lætabundus, A Sequence from an 11th Century Manuscript, with notes 
Erroneously attributed to S. Bernard of Clairvaux (died 1153)

Music: Laetabundus

Compare: Faithful People (Terry, A Medieval Carol Book)

Source: J. W. [John William] Hewett, Verses By A Country Curate (London: Joseph Masters, 1859), Hymn XLVIII, pp. 89-91.

Also by Rev. Hewett, With Holy Gladness Full, pp. 89-91.

1. Full of joy, in sweet accord
Let our choir praise the Lord !

2. He Who is the King of kings,
From the spotless Virgin springs ;
Deed of wonder !

3. He Who is the Light of morn,
Deigns of Mary to be born;
Hail His rising

4. See, a wond’rous thing is done,
From a star proceeds the Sun
In His splendour.

5. Christ, the Sun of endless day,
Mary, star of purest ray,
Ever Virgin.

6. As a star sheds forth its light,
So doth Mary give to sight

7. Of her substance flesh He takes,
Made like us for sinners’ sakes.
Made a servant.

8. Nor the star by light shed forth,
Nor the Virgin by that Birth
Hath defilement.

9. Now conforms the cedar tall,
To the hyssop on the wall
In our valley.

10. He-the Word of God Most High,
Comes, in flesh of man, to buy
Man’s redemption.

11. So Isaiah sang of old,
So in Synagogue ’twas told,
Yet hath blindness still its hold
Of his people.

12. If they would not Moses hear,
Or their prophets’ songs revere,
They might find a witness clear
Borne by Gentiles.

13. Hasten, O unhappy race,
To behold your Monarch’s Face,
Full of glory and of grace,
Lest ye perish.

14. Him Whom all your Scriptures show,
Seek ye even now to know,
And before Him kneeling low,
Own your SAVIOUR. Amen.

Notes by Rev. Hewett:

Daniel, ii. 61 ; v. 47.

Mr. Neale remarks that this Hymn was clearly intended for the Feast of Christmas.

S. Bernard was born A.D. 1091, at Fontaines, near Dijon, in Burgundy. He became a monk of Citeaux, A.D. 1114, and, in the following year, founder of the Abbey of Clairval, of which he was made Abbot. He deceased A.D. 1153.

Editor's Note:

Subsequent research has determined that the author was not St. Bernard.

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