The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

From Highest Heaven Good News I Bring

For Christmas Eve

Words: Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her, by Martin Luther
From Joseph Klug's Gesangsbuch, 1535
Notes and Translations: Notes for Vom Himmel Hoch Da Komm Ich Her

Text based on Luke 2: 1-18

Translation: Rev. Arthur Tozer Russell

Source: Arthur Tozer Russell, Psalms and Hymns, Partly Original, Partly Selected, For The Use of the Church of England (Cambridge: John Deighton, 1851), #43, p. 67.

Tune 113.—" Von Himmel."

From highest heaven good news I bring;
Glad tidings to the earth I sing:
To you this day a Child is given
To crown you with the joy of heaven.

This is the Christ your God and Lord,
Who in all ill shall aid afford:
He will Himself your Saviour be
From all your sins to make you free.

To you that blessedness He brings,
Which from the Father's bounty springs;
That in the heavenly realm ye may
With us enjoy eternal day.

Oh, mark the humble tokens well—
The manger where your Lord doth dwell:
In swathing bands behold Him lie
Who rules the worlds around, on high.

All hail! most noble guest, this morn,
Whose love did not the sinner scorn:
In misery Thou com'st to me;
What thanks shall I return to Thee ?


This is Russell's recast of his 1848 From Highest Heaven Good News I Bring.

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