The Hymns and Carols of Christmas


Bob Rivers
To the tune of Angels We Have Heard On High

From the CD, Twisted Christmas, by Bob Rivers & Comedy Corp.

Foreigners...Infiltrate our nation,
Foreigners...Take jobs from Americans.

Hey, we want to be Americans,
But we're illegal aliens,
And we really like it here,
Though we don't speak the language clear.

Foreigners...stamping out our unions,
What do you mean, man?
Foreigners...Take jobs from Americans.

We sneak across your border lines,
To stand in unemployment lines,
We chip in to buy a car,
Drive back home to get some more

Foreigners...Hide from immigration,
Hey, you gotta' place to stay, man?
Foreigners...Take jobs from Americans

Hey how ya doin'?
There's the Statue of Liberty
Feeds us bums who live for free.
Here's for you, the tired and the poor
When you gonna slam the door?

Foreigners...Infiltrate our nation,
I dunno, it's a long ride back.
Foreigners...Take jobs from Americans.

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