The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Five and Twentieth of December

For Christmas

Words: English Traditional

Music: English Traditional

Meter: Irregular

Source: G. Walters, A Good Christmas Box (Dudley: G. Walters, 1847; reprinted Ashley: Michael Raven, 2007), p. 5.

Upon the five and twentieth of December.
Our blessed Saviour He was born,
Then let us sing praises to the day that we adore him,
Sing praises unto his great and glorious name.

First was the Bright Angel that brought to us glad tidings,
Unto the poor shepherds a feeding their sheep;
Which set the poor shepherds' hearts rejoicing,
All to redeem poor sinful man.
Sing praises, &c.

Then Jesus went up unto the a mountain of Olives
Early in the morning he came back again.
Saying if thou knowest me thou may'st know my Father,
And if thou knowest my Father, thou mayst know me.
Sing praises, &c.

When cruel Herod found himself deceived,
In anger he flew, he vowed to himself,
That all infants should be murdered.
Thinking to murder our blessed Savior;
the blessed Savior of mankind.
Sing praises, &c.

Rachels' two babes before her face was slain,
Because amongst the rest, grief was her lot,
But God who knows the hearts and thoughts of all men,
Preserved his son from Herod's cruel hand.
Sing praises, &c.

The wicked and the proud to persecute the poor,
Such deeds, the wicked boast of,
but the Lord does them abhor,
Let them betake themselves to good advice.
For the rich their pride it must come down.
Sing praises, &c.

The hand of the Lord is now above us,
Come and sit you down by the spirit of the Lord,
The trumpet shall sound before the Lord,
See how the fire burns before him;
and the day of judgment, it will come.
Sing praises, &c.

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