The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Father's Sole-Begotten Son

For The Epiphany

Words: Compiler's, From The Latin

Music: A Patre Unigenitus, "Proper Sarum Melody"
Meter: LM
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Source: W. H. Monk and C. Steggall, eds., Hymns Ancient and Modern (London, William Clowes and Sons, Old Edition, 1889), Hymn 486, p. 574.

1. The Father's sole-begotten Son
Was born, the Virgin's Child, on earth;
His Cross for us adoption won,
The life and grace of second birth.

2. Forth from the height of Heav'n He came,
In form of man with man abode;
Redeem'd His world from death and shame,
The joys of endless life bestow'd.

3. Redeemer, come with power benign,
Dwell in the souls that look for Thee;
O let Thy light within us shine
That we may Thy salvation see.

4. Abide with us, O Lord, we pray,
Dispel the gloom of doubt and woe;
Wash every stain of guilt away,
Thy tender healing grace bestow.

5. Lord, Thou hast come, and well we know
That Thou wilt likewise come again;
Thy Kingdom shield from every foe,
Thy honour and Thy rule maintain.

6. Eternal glory, Lord, to Thee,
Whom, now reveal'd, our hearts adore;
To God the Father glory be,
And Holy Spirit evermore.

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