The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Father, Our Hearts We Lift


For Christmas

Words:  Charles Wesley, Hymns for the Nativity of Our Lord (London: Strahan, 1745).

Source: George Osborn, ed., The Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley, Reprinted from the Originals, With the Last Corrections of the Authors. Volume 4. (London: Wesleyan-Methodist Conference Office, 1869), pp. 114-115.

     Father, our hearts we lift
     Up to Thy gracious throne,
And bless Thee for the precious gift
     Of Thine incarnate Son;
     The Gift unspeakable
     We thankfully receive,
And to the world Thy goodness tell,
     And to Thy glory live.

     Jesus, the holy child,
     Doth by His birth declare
That God and man are reconciled,
     And one in Him we are:
     Salvation through His name
     To all mankind is given,
And loud His infant cries proclaim
     A peace 'twixt earth and heaven.

     A peace on earth He brings,
     Which never more shall end:
The Lord of hosts, the King of kings,
     Declares Himself our friend:
     Assumes our flesh and blood,
     That we His Spirit may gain;
The everlasting Son of God,
     The mortal son of man.

     His kingdom from above
     He doth to us impart,
And pure benevolence and love
     O'erflow the faithful heart:
     Changed in a moment, we
     The sweet attraction find,
With open arms of charity
     Embracing all mankind.

     O might they all receive
     The new-born Prince of Peace,
And meekly in His Spirit live,
     And in His love increase!
     Till He convey us home,
     Cry every soul aloud, Come,
Thou Desire of nations, come,
     And take us all to God.

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