The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Fair Queen Of Cities Joy Of Earth

For Epiphany

Words: O sola magnarum urbium, Cathemerinon ("The Hymns of Prudentius"), Aurelius Clemens Prudentius (348-405)
J. F. W. Bullock, an alteration of the translation by W. J. Blew

Source: J. F. W. Bullock, ed., The New Office Hymn Book (London: Novello and Company, 1908), #191. Text Only; No Music.

See notes under Earth Has Many A Noble City

1. Fair Queen of cities, joy of earth,
Thrice-honour'd Bethl'hem, it was thine
To give our Royal Saviour birth,
And nurse th' Incarnate Babe Divine;

2. Behold! yon bright and beauteous star
Outshines the noonday sun, to tell
That God hath left His Home afar,
On earth, in Flesh, with man to dwell.

3. Their eastern treasures, rich and rare,
The Wise Men, in His sight, unfold,
In meek prostration off'ring there
Their incense, myrrh, and royal gold.

4. The gold proclaims a King is there;
The incense owns Him God to save;
The fragrant spices witness bear
That he must rest within the grave.


All glory, Jesu, Lord to Thee,
To all the world made manifest;
All glory to the Father be,
Who, with the Holy Ghost, is blest.


This is an adaptation of the translation by W. J. Blew, "Fair Queen of Cities, Star of Earth." I have not yet been able to acquire a copy.

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