The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Fair Framer of the Stars So Bright

For Advent during Vespers

Words: Anonymous 7th Century Latin Hymn, “Ambrosian.”
See Conditor alme siderum, the main page for this family of hymns.

Translated by Rev. Dr Alfred Edersheim

Source: Rev. Dr. Alfred Edersheim, The Jubilee Rhythm on the Name of Jesus, And Other Hymns (London: James Nisbet & Co., 1867), pp. 33-34.

Fair Framer of the stars so bright,
Thou of believing hearts the light,
Thou blessed Christ, Redeemer dear,
Vouchsafe our humble prayers to hear.

In sov'reign pity Thou didst see
The sinner's coming misery ;
Thou didst the healing med'cine give,
That so a dying world might live.

And, like a bridegroom from his bower,
Thou didst, in our world's vesper-hour,
Amid its quickly deepening gloom,
Come from the Virgin-Mother's womb.

Whose power divine upon Thy throne
Shall every bending knee once own ;
All things in earth and heaven high
Acknowledge Thy supremacy.

The sun, his wings of light who folds,
The pallid moon, who vigil holds,
The sheen of yonder starry band –
Obey Thy sovereign command.

Thou, Holy Jesu, when we call,
Oh hear, Thou coming Judge of all,
And from the treach'rous en'my's dart
To us Thy safety, Lord, impart !

Now glory, laud, and loudest praise
To Father and to Son we raise,
And to the Holy Paraclete,
As evermore is due and meet. – Amen.

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