The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Evergreen, Holly And Laurel

Words and Music: John H. Hopkins, Jr.
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Source: John H. Hopkins, Jr., Carols, Hymns and Songs. New York: Church Book Depository, 1863.

Note: Lines in italics are sung by the chorus. Other lines are sung by the "soli.".

1. Hail to the morn when Christ is born!
    Hosanna in the highest!
Angels on high sing thro' the sky!
    Hosanna in the highest!
Shepherds adore the Lamb Today:
Kings from the East are on their way;
Sing then all in House and Hall:
    Christ is born on Christmas morn,
    Hosanna in the highest!

2. Cedar and Pine now cheerily twine:
    Hosanna in the highest!
Crown every scene with Evergreen:
    Hosanna in the highest!
Now is the Reign of Darkness o'er:
JESU is King for evermore!
Sing then all, &c.

3. Boughs of the Holly this day adorn:
    Hosanna in the highest!
Sharp are the leaves as crowns of Thorn:
    Hosanna in the highest!
See, in the berries all blood-red,
Blood that, for us, this Babe shall shed:
Sing then all, &c.

4. Lauren and Bay bring forth to-day:
    Hosanna in the highest!
Matchless His Might in deadly fight:
    Hosanna in the highest!
Hail to the Child Immanuel!
Conqueror is He of Death and Hell!
Sing then, all &c.

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