The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Eternal Glory of the Skies


Hymn for Christ's Presentation in the Temple

Compare: Eternal Glory Of The Sky

O Gloriosa Domina

Source: Richard Mant, Ancient Hymns from the Roman Breviary (London: Rivingtons, 1871), pp. 79-80.

Eternal Glory of the skies, 
Who didst not our low earth despise, 
From breasts, by Thee with life endued, 
Content to draw Thy milky food:

The Eden, lost by woman's sin, 
Thou, made of woman, didst re-win; 
And Mary's holy Son retrieve 
The sad incontinence of Eve.

As to Thy Father, throned in heaven, 
Thou in His earthly house wast given, 
Offering most meet, a holy Child, 
By nature sinless, undefiled;

So to God's house may we repair, 
And strive our best to offer there, 
With Thee our welcome to secure, 
Hearts pure and clean as Thou art pure.

The way, the gate, art Thou alone, 
That leads us to the Father's throne; 
Thee virgin-born, their life's sole spring, 
By Thee redeem'd the nations sing.

Jesus, to Thee be glory paid, 
The Son of God, incarnate made: 
Thee with Thy Sire, His glory's heir, 
And join'd with both the Comforter!

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