The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Dreams of Christmas

By R. L. Gunn

Based On "Up on the Housetop"
Words and Music by Benjamin R. Hamby, circa 1860
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1. Here in the house now, children sleep
Dreams of Christmas toys soon to keep
They never hear when the big man shows
and to his business, off he goes

2. Ho Ho Ho...they'll never know
Ho ho ho...they'll never kno-ow
Into the the night the big man toils
To bring good things to boys and goils

3. Then with the daybreak come the squeals
Bicycles screeching with their wheels
Little girls with all their dolls
Never hearing when parents call

4. Ho ho ho...they'll never know
Ho ho ho...they'll never kno-ow
That into the night that big man smiled
Knowing that it was all worth while


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