The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Dog Christmas

Based on "White Christmas," Words and Music by Irving Berlin, copyright 1940, 1942

Iím dreaming of slow squirrel
One I could catch and make my toy
Or a lovely shoe
That I could chew
Would add greatly to my joy

Iím dreaming of a dog biscuit
Tall as a house and twice as wide
Little toys that squeak
And kids that shriek
And huge bones made of rawhide

Iím dreaming of a huge buffet
With all the plates at tableís edge
Grabbing hefty portions
Of people rations
Before they go in the fridge

Iím dreaming of a long walkie
One where I choose where I will go
Greeting doggie friends
Sniffing both ends
Our tails wagging to and fro

I'm dreaming of a soft pillow
all to myself and end of day
Where I snore the evening away
Storing energy for doggie play...


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