Descend, My Brethren

Hymn 5

Resp.— Blessed be He that ordained baptism, for the atonement of the sons of Adam!

1. Descend, my brethren, put on from the waters of baptism the Holy Spirit—be joined with the spirits that minister to the Godhead!

2. For lo! He is the fire that secretly, seals also His flock—by the Three spiritual Names, wherein the Evil One is put to flight.

3. John when he cried and said This is the Lamb of God,— thereby showed concerning the Gentiles that they are Abraham's children.

4. This is he that testified of our Saviour, that with fire and the Spirit He should baptize.— Lo! The fire and the Spirit, my brethren, in the baptism of truth.

5. For greater is Baptism than Jordan that little river—for that in streams of water and oil, the misdeeds of all men are washed out.

6. Elisha by seven times washing, cleansed Naaman's leprosy:— in Baptism are cleansed the secret misdeeds in the soul.

7. Moses baptized the People in the midst of the sea, yet availed not— to wash their heart within, that was full of the defilements of misdeeds.

8. Lo! The priest in the likeness of Moses purges the defilements of the soul—and with oil of anointing, lo! He seals new lambs for the Kingdom.

9. Samuel anointed David to be king among the People:— but lo! The priest anoints you to be heirs in the Kingdom.

10. For with the armour that David put on, after the anointing he fought— and laid low the giant who sought to subdue Israel.

11. Lo! Again in the chrism of Christ, and in the armour that is from the water— the haughtiness of the Evil One is humbled, who sought to subdue the Gentiles.

12. By the water that flowed from the rock, the thirst of the People was quenched. Lo! In the fountain of Christ, the thirst of the peoples is quenched.

13. The rod of Moses opened the rock, and the streams flowed forth; and they were refreshed by its draught, who had grown faint with thirst.

14. Lo! From the side of Christ flowed the stream that bestowed life.— The Gentiles drank that were weary, and in it forgot their pains.

15. With Your dew besprinkle my vileness, and my crimes in Your blood shall be atoned!— And I shall be, O my Lord, at Your right hand, and with Your Saints I shall be joined!


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