The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Creator of the Starry Frame, Light of Souls

For Advent, Evening Hymn

Words: Creator alma siderum, the 17th Century adaptation of an anonymous 7th Century Latin Hymn, “Ambrosian.”
See Conditor alme siderum, the main page for this family of hymns.

Translated by Bishop George Washington Doane

Music: Not Stated

Source: George W. Doane, ed., Songs By The Way: Chiefly Devotional, With Translations and Imitations (E. Bliss and E. White, 1824), pp. 115-116.

Creator of the starry frame,
Light of the souls who trust in Thee,
Jesus, Redeemer of mankind,
To Thee we call, on bended knee.

Thou, when the tempter's arts prevail'd,
Didst hasten down on wings of love,
To shield and save a ruin'd world,
With health and peace from heav'n above.

And Thou, unspotted paschal Lamb,
The blessed virgin's holy son,
To wash our souls from stain of sin,
On shameful cross didst bleed and groan.

Exalted now, Thy glorious pow'r
Extends through all immensity,
And saints in heav'n, and fiends in hell,
Bow at Thy name with trembling knee.

To Thee, then, Judge of all, we look;
Grant us Thy heav'nly help, we pray:
Guide us in life, and guard in death,
And shield us in the judgment day.

For Thine the glory is, and pow'r,
Eternal Sire, eternal Son;
Eternal Spirit, thine the praise—
The One in Three, the Three in One.

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