The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Creation of the World

Words: English Traditional

Music: English Traditional

Meter: 88 88

Source: G. Walters, A Good Christmas Box (Dudley: G. Walters, 1847; reprinted Ashley: Michael Raven, 2007), p. 48-51.

Part I. The Creation of the World.

All Christian people pray attend,
A worthy poem I have penn'd,
Relating how the world began,
And also the first fall of man.

When God did heaven and earth create,
The waters he divided straight;
And by his mighty blessed hand,
Thus God divided sea and land.

God gave command and there was light,
The sun by day, the moon by night,
The stars and planets to withal;
Was placed within this spacious hall.

The cattle, beasts, and birds with wings,
And every kind of creeping things;
All fruits and herbs of yielding seed,
Was by the hand of God decreed.

He saw 'twas good and liked it well,
As we from holy writ may tell;
And in six days we understand,
Perform'd the work he took in hand.

For when the sixth day was began,
God said,, let us now make man;
In our own image he shall be,
To glorify our majesty.


Part II. Man created, and Woman takes out of his side.

Then man was made upright and fair,
For to adorn the heavenly air;
God having breezed on the same.
Man straight a living soul became.

He named them as he thought fit,
The Lord was pleased and liked it;
And then did make a strict decree,
All things to man should subject be.

The seventh day our Lord did rest,
Which day he sanctified and blessed:
To keep it holy we therefore.
Should every one his name adore.

In Eden's garden plac'd he were,
Adorned with trees of fruit most fair;
God gave the fruit to Adam's will,
Save that of knowing good or ill.

God said man is alone I see,
A help-mate now for him must be;
He took one of his ribs we know;
And formed him a mate also.

Now when the Lord he had her fram'd,
Woman by Adam she was nam'd;
Saying, this is flesh and bone of me,
So man and wife one flesh must be.


Part III. The Fall of Man, by Adam and Eve Eating the forbidden fruit.

Before the world created was,
Satan rebell'd against God's laws;
Legions of angels with him fell,
For pride down to the lake of hell.

Because the Lord did him deny,
Man's happiness he did envy;
He thought the world to overthrow,
And bring man to the gulph of woe.

The serpent then I do protest,
More subtle was than any beast:
With Eve he held a long dispute,
To taste of the forbidden fruit.

The serpent said be rul'd by me,
And pluck the fruit from off the tree;
You'll be as gods, then said the devil,
And you will know both good and evil.

She pluck'd the fruit, it tasted sweet,
And gave to Adam for to eat;
The which did all their glory blast,
They out of paradise were cast.

God said the woman shall be still
Subject unto her husband's will,
Also I do degree that thou.
Shall work with sweat upon thy brow.

Nevertheless, the woman's seed.
Shall break the serpent's head indeed;
And thou shall bruise his heel, behold,
Thus was our Savior's birth foretold.


Part IV. Cain slaying his brother Abel.

Two sons had Adam by his wife,
Who caused both trouble, care and strife,
Both Cain and Abel, and I say,
Came being eldest bore the sway.

For Cain a wretched sinful man,
The first of murderers he began,
He did obey the devil's will,
His brother Abel's blood to spill.

God was offended very sore,
And set a mark on Cain therefore,
Murdered doth cry, as on record,
Aloud for vengeance to the Lord.

The world increased full of evil,
Men took delight to serve the devil;
Seeing men's ways the Lord began
To grieve that he had first made man.


Part V. God drowns all the World except Noah and his Family.

Man's wickedness did God Unlike,
He said, I will all flesh destroy; annoy
Full forty days I'll cause to rain,
That no flesh may alive remain.

But Noah and his family;
In favor was with God most high;
Three sons he had when the flood came,
Shem, Ham, and Japhet call'd by name.

God gave command, as he thought good,
To build an ark of Gophir wood,
I shall declare from holy writ,
The length, the bredth, the height of it.

Was pitch'd and made secure and strong,
And full three hundred cubits long:
Full thirty high, and fifty wide,
A door was placed in the side.

And stories three, as we do write,
And windows made to give them light;
God then thought fit to save the lives,
Of Noah, his wife, his sons, their wives.

This ark in building it appears,
Was the space of a hundred years;
Both male and female of each kind,
Was in the ark preserv'd we find.

Above the highest hills we know,
This mighty flood did overflow,
And bore the ark up by the same,
That they might praise God's holy name.


Part VI. How the Ark rested upon Mount Arratat after the decrease of the waters.

In the six month, to give account,
The ark did rest upon the mount;
Then Noah saw the rain had ceas'd,
And that the waters had decreas'd.

Now, when the flood was more declined,
He sent a Raven forth we find,
The next a dove, which stay'd a short space,
For they could find no resting place.

Then he once more sent forth the same,
Back with an olive leaf it came;
His joys were then exceeding great,
Finding the waters did abate.

He sent his dove, but to be plain,
It never more returned again,
A twelve-month's space, or very nigh,
It was before the Earth was dry.

God said to Noah, come forth in peace,
And let all things once more increase;
He pleased was to showed therefore,
That he would drown the world no more.

The world was multiplied, once more,
But full of evil as before;
Men rather choose much greater evil,
And took delight to serve the devil.

For at that time men were so vile,
Their daughters dear for to defile,
Which great abomination was,
Unto God's holy, righteous laws.


Part VII. The World Redeemed by our Saviour.

Some holy, righteous men were there,
Who glorified the Lord by prayer,
God bless'd their seed, and did afford.
Them gifts to preach his holy word.

And for those righteous people's sake,
God did on us compassion take;
And sent his son on earth we find,
To take the nature of mankind.

To tell the truth all must have fell,
Down to the lowest pit of hell,
Had not our Savior Christ been slain,
Man's bless'd salvation to obtain.

When buried, down to hell he pass'd,
To triumph, and chain Satan fast;
Who goes no farther than his chain,
The third day Christ did rise again.

Christ is ascended up to heaven,
A Comforter to us is given;
Shake off your sins, your lives renew,
The one with Christ, and Christ with you.

A Christian's duty I'll impart,
To bear no malice in your heart,
But love your neighbor as yourself,
And never covet worldly wealth.

Endeavors still not to transgress,
And shun the sin of drunkenness,
If such a filthy sin takes place,
All other sins come on apace.

So to conclude and make an end,
Help us good Lord for to amend;
That when our sinful bodies die,
Our souls may reign with Christ on high.

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