Come Ye Faithful Loud Exalt


For Christmas, Epiphany, Candlemas

Words: 11th Century Processional
Compare: Faithful People (Terry, A Medieval Carol Book)

Music: From the Sarum Gradual.

Source: The Hymner Containing Translations of the Hymns from the Sarum Breviary. Second Edition. (London: Plainsong & Medieval Society. 1905), #76, p. 75-76.

Come, ye faithful.
Loud exult, with joy exceeding,
    Alleluya !
Monarchs' Monarch,
From a Virgin-womb proceeding.
    Mighty wonder !

Angel of the Counsel, here,
Sun from star, he doth appear,
    Born of Maiden:
Sun that never knoweth night.
Star for ever gleaming bright,
    Lustrous ever.

As a star its kindred ray,
Mary doth her Child display.
    Like in nature :
Still undimm'd the star shines on,
And the Virgin bears a Son.
    Pure as ever.

Lebanon his cedar tall
To the hyssop of the wall
    Now conformeth :
Word on high, he doth assume
Human flesh in Mary's womb,
    God incarnate.

Though Esaias had foreshewn.
Though the Synagogue had known,
Yet the truth she will not own.
    Blind remaining :
If her Prophets speak in vain,
Let her heed a Gentile strain,
And from mystick Sibyl gain
    Light in darkness.

No longer then delay ;
Doubt not what the legends say ;
Why be cast away,
    A race forlorn ?
Turn and this Child behold-
That very Son of old
In God's writ foretold,
    A Maid hath borne. Amen.

Sheet Music from C.J. Ridsdale, The New Office Hymn Book. Parts I and II. (London: Novello and Company, 1908). Part II.
The First Tune, on pp. 6-8: "Laetabundus." Modes vi. & v. transposed. Irregular. Sarum Gradual (Melody of xith or xiith Century).
The Second Tune, pp. 9-11: "Laetabundus." Irregular. Nicholas Gatty, B. Mus.








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