The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Come, Ye Faithful Choirs On Earth

For The Purification

Words: LŠtabundus, A Sequence from an 11th Century Manuscript, with notes 
Erroneously attributed to S. Bernard of Clairvaux (died 1153)

Music: Berthold Tours

Compare: Faithful People (Terry, A Medieval Carol Book)

Source: William Cook and Benjamin Webb, ed., The Hymnary (London: Novello, Ewer, and Company, 1872), p. 312, # 347. The source was stated to be The Hymnal Noted. See: Full of Gladness, Let Our Faithful Choir,

Come, ye faithful choirs on earth, sing ye now with hallowed mirth
                                  Alleluia ;
For the mighty King of kings from a spotless Maiden springs :
                                  O wonder rare !
Him the Holy Virgin bore, Wonderful and Counsellor;
                                  Sun sprung from star :
Sun, which never night shall know ; star whose Ray shall ever glow
                                  Gleaming afar.
As a star puts forth its ray, so her Son in wondrous way
                                  The Virgin bare.
Bright the star doth still endure : so the Virgin still is pure ;
                                  No stain is there.
Lebanon's tall cedar bends ; and, like hyssop made, descends,
                                  Our woe to share :
He, God's Word and Essence, came, dwelling in a mortal frame,
                                  The cross to bear.
This Isaiah had foreshewn : this with thankful love we own ;
                                  Alleluia !
Him, Whom Holy Writ foretold, now a Virgin's arms enfold :
                                  Alleluia ! Amen.

Sheet Music from The Hymnary, p. 312.

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