The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Come to Bethleem and ye ~hall ~e

A caroll of the byrth of Chry~t

Source: Edward Bliss Reed, ed., Christmas Carols Printed in the 16th Century Including Kele's Christmas Carolles Newly Inprynted. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1932).

This carol requires the installation of the "Old Blacketter" font for best display.

In a Middle English font: A woman a mayd in thought and deede


Come to Bethleem and ye ~hall ~e

Puer natus e~t hodie.

A woman a mayd in thought & deede

A fayrer with eyen myght no man ~ee

With her vgin paps her babe did fede

Puer natus e~t hodie.

The chyldes name is called Je~us

Gabryel ~ayde it ~hulde ~o be

Joye we togyther and ~yng we thus

Puer natus e~t hodie.

To make vs rych, pore was he than

With mekenes and humylytie

Doutles he is bothe god and man

Puer natus e~t hodie.

Kynges & prynces of this dyd here

Togyther they came a mayden to ~ee

Lullyng her babe her ble~~ed ~on dere

Puer natus e~t hodie.

Now (damage) oly~ful mayde y^ bare y^ byrthe

Pray to thy ~on that we may hym ~e

(Concluding stanzas missing from source)

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