The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Come, And Christ The Lord Is Praising

Words: Kommt und lasst uns Christum ehren by Paul Gerhardt (1607-1676), 1667
Gerhardt's Translation of Quem Pastores Laudavere, Authorship Unknown, 14th century, Hoenfurth Manuscript
Translation To English by J. Kelly

Tune: Quem pastores, 14th-century melody
MIDI / Noteworthy Composer /

Source: O. Hardwig, ed., Wartburg Hymnal (Chicago: Wartburg Publishing House, 1918), #123

1. Come, and Christ the Lord be praising,
Heart and mind to Him be raising,
Celebrate His love amazing,
Worthy folk of Christendom.

2. Sin, death, hell may all be grieving,
Satan shame feel to him cleaving;
We, salvation free receiving,
Cast our every care away.

3. See what God for us provideth,
Life that in His Son abideth,
And our weary steps He guideth
From earth's woe to heavenly joy.

4. His soul deeply for us feeleth
He His love to us revealeth,
He who in the heavens dwelleth
Came to save us from the foe.

5. Jacob's Star his advent maketh,
Soothes the lodging heart that acheth,
And the serpent's head He breaketh,
Loathing ail the powers of hell.

6. Opened hath He, freedom gained us,
Now the prison that contained us;
Where much grief and sorrow pained us,
And our hearts were bowed with woe.

7. O bless'd hour when we received,
From the foe who us deceived,
Liberty, when we believed,
And Thee, gracious Spirit, praised.

8. Beauteous Infant in the manger,
O befriend us! beyond danger,
Bring us where is turned God's anger,
Where with angel hosts, we'll praise.

Sheet Music from O. Hardwig, ed., The Wartburg Hymnal (Chicago: Wartburg Publishing House, 1918), #123

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