The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Come, All Ye Shepherds

Version 3

The melody of this Czech carol, a Bohemian-Czech folk song, dates from 1870.

1. Come, all ye shepherds, come hark unto me!
Go ye to Bethlehem, Jesus to see!
Great is the story, great is His glory,
Great is the story, Great is His glory,
Be not afraid!

2. Let us obey now the heavenly voice!
Jesus, our Savior's born. Come and rejoice!
Come every nation, give adoration,
come every nation, give adoration,
Gifts to Him present!

3. Truly the angels have spoken today:
See Mary, Jesus, the stable, the hay!
Hear their sweet singing, round us now ringing,
Hear their sweet singing, round us now ringing,
Glory on high!



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