The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Come, All Ye Faithful Christians

For Christmas

Words: English Traditional

Sung by Mr. Gallett at Leighton Linton, Worcestershire, Jan. 23rd, 1902

Tune noted by Miss Norbury

Source: Journal of the Folk Song Society, Volume II, Number 7, #26, p. 123.

Come, all ye faithful Christians,
That dwell upon the earth,
Come, celebrate the morning
Of our dear Saviour's birth.
This is the happy morning,
This is the happy morn,
Whereon to save our ruined race
The Son of God was born.

Behold the Angel Gabriel,
In scripture it is said,
Did with his holy message
Come to the Virgin Maid.
"Hail blest among all women!"
He thus did greet her then,
"Lo! thou shalt be the mother
Of the Saviour of all men."

Oh! then replied the Virgin,
"These things I know full well,
That there are no such wonders,
No, not in Israel!
That I should be a mother,
How could it be? or can?
For me to conceive a Saviour,
That never knew a man?"

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