The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Come, All Ye Children

17th Century

1. Come, all ye children,
your voices raise on this morn,
on this morn,
Bring the glad tidings to men that Jesu was born,
Oh! Rejoice!
Sweetly prolong what the angels proclaim,
Lift up your voices, accent their refrain,
Sing, for Christ's birth will bring peace and joy to the earth.

2. Wake, all ye children,
your Savior was born this night,
born this night.
Follow the star for its beam sends forth a bright light,
Oh! Harken!
Angelic choirs tell in sweetwords of love,
How the dear God sent his Son from above,
How Jesus' birth will redeem all men upon earth.

3. Rise, all ye children,
a lovely day is dawning,
is dawning,
Rouse from your slumbers and greet this Christmas morning,
Oh! Laud God!
Sing loud, sing well, 'tis the day of Christ's birth;
While mortals slept, He descended to earth;
Come, let us sing, for we know that Christ is our King!


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