The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Coleman's Carol

Words: English Traditional

Music: English Traditional

Meter: 88 88

Source: G. Walters, A Good Christmas Box (Dudley: G. Walters, 1847; reprinted Ashley: Michael Raven, 2007), p. 27.

Good Christian people pray attend,
Unto the lines which I have penned,
To show how Christ He was foretold,
By prophets in the days of old.

God did reveal him first of all,
Soon after sinful Adam's fall,
When unto the serpent thus he said,
The woman's seed shall bruise thy head.

To Abraham these words expressed,
In three all nations shall be blessed,
Thus Christ was promised twice we find,
To be the Savior of mankind.

Though Job's affliction it was great,
He patiently for Christ did wait,
Therefore the faithful token gives,
I know that my Redeemer lives.

David a King and prophet both,
God swore unto him by an oath,
That of his seed one should dissident,
Whose kingdom ne'er should have an end.

Isiah he did say indeed,
A virgin shall conceive and breed,
And bear a son thus he did tell,
And call his name Emmanuelle.

Likewise the prophet Jeremiah,
Speaking of infants that must die,
For Christ's sake in Judea land,
Where Rachel wept we understand.

Thus all the prophets more or less,
Something of Christ they do express,
Both of his manner and his birth,
Likewise his dwelling here on earth.

Now Zachariah tells us plain,
How Christ shall come both poor and mean,
Riding upon an ass's foal,
So humble was his precious soul.

The time at length being fully come,
That God did send his blessed son,
Born of a pure and spotless maid,
Within a manger he was laid.

No woman's help in time of need,
And the poor virgin you may read,
But was herself like one forlorn,
When Christ our Savior he was born.

He with his parents lived 12 years,
As in the gospel it appears,
Then to Jerusalem he came,
There mighty wonders spread his name.

Into the Temple there he went,
Where learned doctors did frequent,
Hearing and asking questions wise,
They did the people much surprise.

Likewise, the Scriptures give account,
Of his blessed sermon on the mount,
And of the blessings he'll bestow,
On them that serve him here below.

Our Savior tells us very plain.
The way that we must heaven gain,
If you will my disciples be,
Take up the cross and follow me.

He said we must leave off all sin,
That we have so delighted in,
All other faults we must forgive,
This is the life that we must live.

Our Savior tells us great and small,
That we must never swear at all,
He said that we must holy be,
Or else his face we ne'er shall see.

Our blessed Savior whilst on Earth,
He never sinned from his birth,
But in God's works he did abound,
No guile within his mouth was found.

Ye ah! The unbelieving Jews,
Our Savior's doctrine did refuse,
And being filled with raging spite,
His death they sought with all their might.

These Jews together did conspire,
And therefore Judas they did hire,
His Lord and master to betray,
And 30 pence it was his pay.

Our Savior was to Pilate brought,
There wicked Jews his ruin sought,
And did request that he should die,
But Pilate answered presently.

Saying what evil hath he done,
They said, he calls himself God's Son,
Then Pilot hearing what they said,
Became still more and more afraid.

He washed his hands in water there,
See you to that for I am clear,
From this just person he replied,
His blood be on our heads they cried.

Pilate do give the Jews content,
Unto the Judgment hall, he went,
Where he condemned our Savior dear,
For to be crucified there.

These cruel Jews with bitter scorns,
Did make him wear a crown of thorns,
And having smote him in the face,
Conveyed him to the fatal place.

They brought our blessed Lord indeed,
And cruelly they make him bleed,
Then on the cross our Lord did die,
To sit at God's right hand on high.

All praise and glory given be,
Henceforth to all eternity,
To him that was our nearest friend,
And so my Carol here doth end.

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