The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Chrystmasse of Olde

Words: Eugene Field (1850-1895)
Christmas Poems of Eugene Field


Music: Swiss Air
PDF and MIDI from Chorale Public Domain Library

1. God rest you, Chrysten gentil men, 
  Wherever you may be, -- 
God rest you all in fielde or hall, 
  Or on ye stormy sea; 
For on this morn oure Chryst is born 
  That saveth you and me. 
2. Last night ye shepherds in ye east 
  Saw many a wondrous thing; 
Ye sky last night flamed passing bright 
  Whiles that ye stars did sing, 
And angels came to bless ye name 
  Of Jesus Chryst, oure Kyng. 
3. God rest you, Chrysten gentil men, 
  Faring where'er you may; 
In noblesse court do thou no sport, 
  In tournament no playe, 
In paynim lands hold thou thy hands 
  From bloudy works this daye. 
4. But thinking on ye gentil Lord 
  That died upon ye tree, 
Let troublings cease and deeds of peace 
  Abound in Chrystantie; 
For on this morn ye Chryst is born 
  That saveth you and me.

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