The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christmas Time is Coming Round

To The Tune of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"

Howard Ryan

Watches and rings, earrings and things
Sweaters and skis, and color TVs
Christmas time is coming around
Records and tapes, carpets and drapes
Fancy new jeans, and washing machines
Christmas time is coming around

We run out buying presents wraped up in the routine
We never stop to think about what Christmas really means

Scooters and skates, glasses and plates
Panties and socks, and radio-clocks
Christmas time is comign around
Purses and hats, puppies and cats
Marbles and balls, and wind-em-up dolls
Christmas time is coming around

We're tearing up the planet; we take more than we need
If we don't stop our thoughtlessness the end is guaranteed

For what it's worth be good to the earth
Cos' this little ball takes care of us all
Make your presents simple and small
And don't be afraid to make it homemade
You'll be amazed how your spirit is raised
May good will and loving abound
Christmas time is coming around


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