The Hymns and Carols of Christmas


Spammers Roasting on an Open Fire
By Patricia Shaffer

Spammers roasting on an open fire
Yetis playing in the snow
Nanae carols being sung by a choir
Their voices blending high and low

Everybody knows some malleteers remain on guard
To make the chicken-boners pout
Our e-mail filters are rock-solid and hard
And Sam-o-grams are loaded to send out

We know that SPUTUM's on its way
They're bringing lots of LARTs and mallets in their sleigh
And all the anti-spammers wait with glee
To see what Santa SPUTUM tucks beneath our tree.

And so we're joyful on these holidays
We raise our glasses in a toast
Although it's been said in a number of ways
Happy Yuletide ... turn the roast.



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