The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christmas Song

Once Again O Blessed Time

Words: Rev. Wm. Bright

Music: Rev. J. B. Dykes

Source: Henry Ramsden Bramley and John Stainer, Christmas Carols New and Old, Second Series (London: Novello, Ewer & Co., 1871), Carol #34

1. Once again O blessed time,
    Thankful hearts embrace thee:
If we lost thy festal chime,
    What could eer replace thee?
What could eer replace thee?
    Change will darken many a day,
Many a bond dissever;
    Many a joy shall pass away,

But the "Great Joy" never!
But the "Great Joy" never,
But the "Great Joy" never!

2. Once again the Holy Night
    Breathes its blessing tender;
Once again the Manger Light
    Sheds its gentle splendour;
O could tongues by Angels taught
    Speak our exultation
In the Virgin's Child that brought
    All mankind Salvation?

3. Welcome Thou to souls athirst,
    Fount of endless pleasure;
Gates of Hell may do their worst,
    While we clasp our Treasure:
Welcome, though an age like this
    Puts Thy Name on trial,
And the Truth that makes our bliss
    Pleads against denial!

4. Yea, if others stand apart,
    We will press the nearer;
Yea, O best fraternal Heart,
    We will hold Thee dearer;
Faithful lips shall answer thus
    To all faithless scorning,
"Jesus Christ is God with us,
    Born on Christmas morning."

5. So we yield Thee all we can,
    Worship, thanks, and blessing;
Thee true God, and Thee true Man
    On our knees confessing;
While Thy Birthday morn we greet
    With our best devotion,
Bathe us, O most true and sweet!
    In Thy Marcy's ocean,

6. Thou that once, 'mid stable cold,
    Wast in babe-clothes lying,
Thou whose Altar-veils enfold
    Power and Life undying,
Thou whose Love bestows a worth
    On each poor endeavour,
Have Thou joy of this Thy Birth
    In our praise for ever.

Sheet Music from Henry Ramsden Bramley and John Stainer, Christmas Carols New and Old (London: Novello, Ewer & Co., ca 1871)

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