The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christmas Morn Is Drawing Nigh At Hand

Roud 808

Compare: Christmas Now Is Drawing Near At Hand

Version from Mr. J. Thomas, Camborne, Cornwall; noted by Cecil Sharp, May 9th 1913. Journal of the Folk-Song Society Vol V, No. 18 (1914), p. 7.

Christmas morn is drawing nigh at hand. 
Pray, saith the Lord, and be at His command; 
And God for you a portion will provide, 
And give a blessing to your soul beside. 

Remember man thou art made of clay.
And in this world thou hast not long to stay;
You patch and paint and dress in idle stuff,
As if God had not made you well enough. 

This wicked world will never give consent,
For all the blessings our dear Lord have sent;
To meet our Lord it would be bad, you know,
To be dressed up like players for a show.

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