The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christmas Chimes

For Christmas

(A Carol)

Words by Fanny Crosby, 1877

Music by Henry Tucker

Compare: Christmas Chimes (First Line: Ah! Those Merry Christmas Chimes);
Words by Mary A. McKee and Music by Pemberton Pierce

1. Christmas Chimes, sweet Christmas Chimes;
Merry peals of music singing,
Mem'ries bright of olden times,
To the soul with rapture bringing,
When the infant Saviour's birth
Angel choirs with crowns descending
Carol'd to the wond'ring earth;
O'er the plains of Judah bending.

Thus the lofty chorus ran:
Peace on earth, good will to men,
Glory in the highest be,
Great Creator, Lord to thee.

Hark! Hark! (Hark! the merry)
Hark! Hark! (merry, merry chimes;)
Hark! the (Hark the merry,)
merry (merry) chimes;
Glory in the Highest be,
Great Creator, Lord to thee.
Great Creator, Lord to thee.

2. Cradled in a manger bed,
While a star its vigil keeping
Beasts of tender beauty shed,
Lo: the infant Saviour sleeping--
Years have winged their rapid flight
Still that orb celestial burning,
Pours a flood of golden light,
O're this hallowed light returning. Chorus & Refrain

3. Christmas chimes, sweet Christmas chimes,
Telling still the joyful story--
Heard in fair Assyrian climes,
Wafted from the land of glory--
Christmas eve has come again;
Earth and sky in concert blending,
Sound aloft the welcome strain,
From the angel choir descending. Chorus & Refrain

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