The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Christmas Angels

Margaret Elizabeth Munson Sangster (1838 - 1912)
A.K.A. Mrs. Gerrit Van Deth

1. Again, as of old, the shadows fold, and the midnight sky is clear and cold;
Again, as when the shepherds watched, the peasants sleep with their doors unlatched;
Serene and still over vale and hill, over palace gateway and cottage sill,
In snow-white fleece lies the wintry peace, and the angels hasten to do God's will.

2. Ever they keep above our sleep a vigil tender and sweet and deep,
But they waken us now, from the skies aglow, and the sound of their wings goes to and fro.
Hark to the song of that seraph throng, who nearest of all to the throne belong.
Hither they come to heart and home, with hail to the right that shall smite the wrong.

3. Glory to God! They send abroad harpings of heaven on earthly road,
Lifting the Name on their quivering flame, as peace and good-will their notes proclaim,
Sending afar without a jar, wherever our Father's children are.
The word of grace from the Father's face, thrilling in music from star to star.

4. Sing to us, angels of Christmas, sing, while sweet in the day dawn our glad bells ring!
Sing of the Love that comes from above, brooding and soft as the breast of the dove,
While we swift forget the pain and fret, and the pitiful things to which life is set,
And leave at the manger all thought of danger, and worship the Child, God's children yet.

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