The Hymns and Carols of Christmas


Words Translated by Christine Turner Curtis

Music: German Caroll

Source: Lilla Belle Pitts, et. al. Eds., Singing Juniors (Boston: Ginn and Company, 1953), page 153

I = First Shepherd

II = Second Shepherd

Verse 1:

(I) "Johann, arise, arise!"
(II) "Who calls here?"
(I) "How tightly you close your eyes."
(II) "Dawnís not near."
(I) "Over the meadows bright
Flashes a lovely light;
Say, Ďtis a wondrous sight."
(II) "Why, thatís queer."

Verse 2:

(I) "Music comes drifting down."
(II) "Where, oh where?"
(I) "A star shines on Bethílem town."
(II) "Over there?"
(I) "Rise up and come away,
Angels in chorus say,
Lord Christ is born today."
(II) "Forward fare."

Verse 3

(I) "Sweet is that Holy Child."
(II) "In the dawn."
(I) "His Motherís a Virgin mild."
(II) "Letís be gone."
(I) "Born in a manger He
Oh, might I lovingly
Hold Him upon my knee!"
(II) Hasten on!"


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