The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christ Is Born, Him Glorify

For Christmas

First Ode from St. Cosmas's Canon for Christmas Day.

Words: Χριστος γενναται δοξασατε, by St. Cosmas, died ca. 760 (Greek)

Source: Richard Frederick Littledale, Offices from the Service-books of the Holy Eastern Church (London: Williams and Norgate, 1863), pp. 187-188.

"The Word was made flesh." - John 1:14.

Christ is born, Him glorify.
Christ from heaven, go to greet Him.
Christ on earth, be lifted up.
Sing to the Lord all the whole earth,
And in gladness praise Him, O ye nations,
For He hath been glorified!


Man, fallen through transgression,
Once in God's image made,
Now all corruption's own,
Fallen from the better, sacred life,
The wise Creator frames anew,
For He hath been glorified!

The Creator, seeing man,
Whom He made, now perishing,
Bowed the heaven and came down,
And his mortal substance took,
Truly Incarnate of the Holy Maid.
For He hath been glorified!

Wisdom, Word, and Might,
Son and Glory of the Father,
Christ our God, concealed from all
Powers supernal or on earth,
Man became and ransomed us.
For He hath been glorified!


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