The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Child's Carol

Sir Arthur Thomas (A. T.) Quiller-Couch (1863 - 1944)

Naked boy, brown boy,
In the snow deep,
Piping, carolling
Folks out of sleep;
Little shoes, thin shoes,
All so wet and wornó
But I bring the merry news
óChrist is born!

Rise, pretty mistress!
Don a gay silk;
Give me for my good news
Bread and new milk.
Joy, joy in Jewry,
This very morn!
Far and far I carry it
óChrist is born!

Back, back in Bethl'em,
By the moon still,
There I saw a shepherd
Sitting on a hill:
'Boy,' said he, 'bonny boy,
Take you this horn,
Wend you now and wind it,
óChrist is born!'

And whenever people
Hear the merry blast,
Bells in every steeple,
Flags on every mast,
Holy boughs and holly
Adore and adorn,
Far and far and jubilant
óChrist is born!

Therefore I would have you
People comprehend
Christ is born in Bethl'em
For to be your friend:
For to bear the agony,
For to wear the thorn,
For to die on Calvary,
óChrist is born!

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