The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Carroll for a Wassell Bowl

Source: recorded by : Mr Rann of Dudley in 1819 , in The Every-Day Book,
"The Carroll for a Wassell Bowl", Staffordshire and Warwickshire

A jolly Wassel-Bowl
A Wassel of good ale,
Well fare the butlerís sole
That setteth this to sale - Our jolly Wassel
Good Dame, here at your door
Our Wassel we begin
We are all maidens pure
We pray now let us in - With our good Wassel
Our Wassel we do fill
With apples and with spice
They kindly will agree
To take a good carouse - Of our Wassel
But here they let us stand
All freezing in the cold
Good Master give command
To enter and be bold - With our Wassel



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