The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Carolling On

Words: Elsie Duncan Yale

Music: J. Lincoln Hall

Source: J. Lincoln Hall, C. Austin Miles, Adam Geibel, eds., Jubilate: Sunday School Hymnal (Winona Lake, Indiana: The Rodeheaver Hall-Mack Co., 1947), Hymn #218.

1. Carolling on, carolling on,
    O herald ye the Christmas morn!
Carolling on, carolling on,
    Ye seraphs sing to earth a Saviour born;
Joyfully sing, joyfully sing,
    Your praises neath the star-lit sky;
Herald the holy One, herald the Father's Son,
    All glory to God on high.

Hail Him, hail Him, herald Him the Prince immortal!
Star crowned throne, O sin ye:
Golden harps, O ring ye,
Hail Him, hail Him, singing 'neath the radiant sky;

2. Carolling on, carolling on,
    O come ye from the courts above;
Carolling on, carolling on,
    The tidings tell afar of pece and love;
Joyfully sing, joyfully sing,
    For gladness unto earth is nigh;
Herald the Daystar bright, herald the Lord of Light
    All glory to God on high. Chorus.

3. Carolling on, carolling on,
    Your anthems thro' the years resound;
Carolling on, carolling on,
    O blessed Christmas praise still sweetly sound;
Joyfully sing, joyfully sing,
    And earth shall echo glad reply;
Herald the promised Lord, blessed incarnate Word,
    All glory to God on high. Chorus.

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