The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Begins The Unbeginning,
Good News To-Day Is Heard

For Christmas
At the First Hour of the Night
Immediately before The Great Doxology and Dismissal.

Words: A Hymn of John the Monk, 8th Century,
from the "Office for Christmas Day," άχολονθια τής Χρίστον γεννήσεως, The First Hour
Translation by William Chatterton Dix

Music: Second Tone

Source: William Chatterton Dix, ed., Four Joyful Hymns for Christmas Tide (London: G. J. Palmer, circa 1865), Hymn #2, p. 2.

II. The Word was made Flesh, and dwelt among us."

1. Begins the Unbeginning,
    Good news to-day is heard;
Fresh honour man is winning.
    Incarnate is the Word.
In Bethlehem, of Mary
    The ageless One is born,
With hymns that never vary,
    The Angels greet the morn.

2. The Powers of Heaven are singing.
    And men on earth as well:
The Magi gifts are bringing,
    The Wonder, Shepherds tell;
And we our voices blending
    With those that shake the sky.
Say, "Peace on earth, unending,
    And Thanks to God on high."

Note from the text:

"From the same." (that is, From the Greek of John the Monk. 8th Century. Vida Dr. Littledale’s Offices of the Holy Eastern Church.)

Compare Of the Maid in Bethlehem by R.F Littledale.

See: Office of Christmas Day - St Cosmas - Richard Frederick Littledale, Offices From The Service Books of the Holy Eastern Church (1863).

See generally: Christmas-tide Hymns from the Eastern Churches.

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