The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Awake, Each Heart, Rejoice And Sing

Words and Music: English Traditional
Verses 2, 3, and 4 from Alex. Pope's "Messiah"
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Source: W. A. Pickard-Cambridge, A Collection of Dorset Carols (London: A. W. Ridley & Co., 1926), #35.

Compare: Awake, Glad Heart! Get Up and Sing!

1. Awake, each heart, rejoice and sing,
Salute the morn when Christ our King
Assumes our flesh and blood:
Sinners, 'twas life for you and me
When Christ partook our misery,
All hail! the Saviour God,
All Hail! the Saviour God.

2. "Emmanuel" is the Saviour's name
Yes, "God with us": a glorious theme!
Shout, shout the news abroad!
With speed the wondrous tidings tell,
How God descends on earth to dwell:
All hail, the Babe, the God!

3. The air, by angel-voices rent,
Re-echoes forth the great event,
While earth and sky applaud:
His birth, proclaimed by the star,
Now leads the Magi from afar
To hail their infant God!

4. Now more let man yield to despair,
Since Christ is come our ills to share!
Let those who oft have trod
Where cares abound, where sin and death
Have shed abroad their vilest breath,
Sing, "Hail! all hail! all hail!
All hail the Saviour God!"

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