The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Awake, Awake The Sacred Song

Words: Mrs. Anna Steele

Music: "Judkins," R. M. McIntosh
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Meter: CM

Source: Silas H. Durant and P. G. Lester, eds., Hymn and Tune Book, Greenfield, Indiana: D. H. Goble: 1886, Hymn #51, p. 20.

1. Awake, Awake the sacred song
    To our incarnate Lord;
Let every heart, and every tongue,
    Adore th' eternal Word.

2. That awful Word, that sovereign Power
    By whom the worlds were made,
(O happy morn, illustrious hour!)
    Was once in flesh arrayed!

3. Then shone almighty power and love
    In all their glorious forms,
When Jesus left his throne above,
    To dwell with sinful worms.

4. To dwell with misery below,
    The Saviour left the skies;
And sunk to wretchedness and wo,
    That worthless men might rise.

5. Adorning angels turned their songs
    To hail the joyful day;
With rapture then let mortal tongues
    Their grateful worship pay.

6. What glory, Lord, to thee is due!
    With wonder we adore;
But could we sing as angels do,
    Our highest praise were poor.

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