The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Augustus Csar Having Brought

Words and Music: English Traditional
Meter: CMD, with Refrain

Source: Davies Gilbert, Some Ancient Christmas Carols. London: John Nichols And Son, Second Edition, 1823, Carol #10, pp. 30-34.

Compare: Augustus Caesar Having Brought - William Sandys, 1833

1. Augustus Csar having brought
    The world to quiet peace,
That all the noisome bloody wars
    In ev'ry land did cease,
Just Joseph with his Mary mild
    To Bethlehem did come,
Which blessed place appointed was
    To ease her burden'd womb.

O sing we all with heart and voice,
    Let Christians' love increase,
For unto us is born this day
    The only Prince of Peace.

2. Then all the town being fill'd with guests,
    Such was their helpless cause,
That not a bed for them was left,
    Nor any lodging place,
But in a poor and simple inn,
    Even in an ox's stall,
Which blessed place did entertain
    The Saviour of us all. Chorus.

3. No mantle nor no scarlet robe
    Could Jesus Christ have there,
No swathline bands nor linen fine
    To wrap our Saviour dear;
No other nurse or lullaby
    But blessed Mary's arms
To rock this blessed Babe asleep
    With heavenly hymns and charms. Chorus.

4. Thus was the Son of God not born
    In magesty and state,
As Princes of the Nations be,
    Though he a Prince so great;
But at his birth the Host on high
    Of Heavenly Angels sung;
And every one that breatheth breath
    Rejoic'd with voices strong. Chorus.

5. O holy, holy Lord of Host,
    This was their joy and mirth,
Which sounded forth on every coast,
    For Jesus Christ his birth.
Both Cherubim and Seraphim,
    And all the Hosts of Heaven,
Which chearfully sang praises both
    To magnify this even. Chorus.

6. But when that blessed morning came,
That God's dear Son was born,
A glorious Star, with glazing beams,
    Did all the skies adorn,
Which unto Shepherds in the fields
    The first of all appear'd;
A voice likewise came down from Heaven,
    And thus the Shepherds cheer'd. Chorus.

7. This tide is born in Bethlehem
    A Saviour and a King,
Whose coming should redeem the world,
    And man's salvation bring.
All glory be to God on high,
    And peace on earth to all,
And good will still be unto men;
    This was the Angels' call. Chorus.

8. This Star not only did appear
    Unto the Shepherds poor.
But to the Sages of the world,
    To make their glory more,
Who came, conducted by that Star,
    From countries far from thence,
And offer'd at Christ Jesus' feet
    Gold, myrrh, and frankincense. Chorus.

9. The which, when cruel Herod heard
    Of this great homage done,
By the three Wise Men of the East,
    To Mary's blessed Son,
He sent throughout all Jury land
    To have this infant slain,
And all males under two years old,
    And none there did remain. Chorus.

10. Then Bethlehem grew red with blood,
    And white with infants' bones,
That nought was heard in Jury land
    But Children's mothers' groans.
Yet Mary's Babe, by Heaven preserv'd,
    Escap'd their bloody rage,
And lived in Egypt till he came
    To the term twelve years age. Chorus.

11. Even as the Angel did appoint
    His Parents back to turn,
And with their Son to Jury land
    In safety to sojourn,
But Herod's son in Jewry reign'd,
    They turn'd to Gallilee,
And there the Gospel did he preach
    To all, both bond and free. Chorus.

12. Thus Jesus Christ, at twelve years old,
    In Jury began to preach,
And to the Sages of the World
    Of Moses' Laws to teach.
And afterwards full forty days
    He did both fast and pray,
Till cursed Judas with a Kiss
    Did take his life away. Chorus.

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