The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

As said the prophet Abacue

Words and Music: Traditional English
(From MS. Cotton. Vesp. A. xxv. fol. 138, r0)

Source: Thomas Wright, Specimens of Old Christmas Carols Selected from Manuscripts and Printed Books (London: The Percy Society, 1841)

As said the prophet Abacue
Betwixt too bestes shulde lye our buk,
    That mankind shuld redeme;
The oxe betokenithe mekenes here,
The asse our gilte that he shulde bere,
    And washe away our cryme.

In mydst of doctors he wa fownd,
The prophetes planly did expownde,
    Throughe mydst frome deathe he fledd;
No where wolde die but on the crosse,
Betwixt two theives redemed our losse,
    His blood for hus to shedde.

In midst of his disciples all,
Said, peace to yow universall!
    All synnes ye shall remite,
For now is maid an unitie
With man and Godes devinitie,
    Of love the knot is knite.

Saint John abowe the ierarchies,
Se .vij. golden luminaries,
    And Crist was in the myde;
And of this .vij. the trew entente
Is .vij. holie sacramentes ment,
    Christ in the midst of hide.

In the sacrament of eucharist,
Is trow man Gode and very Christe,
    Secret in forme of bread,
In mydst of us shall perdurate,
Whilles that he come in great estate,
    To judge bothe quicke and dead.

This is the lord of unitie,
The lord of love and charatie,
    That all things dothe remite;
And who in him is congregate,
The poor, the riche, or greate estate,
    In mydst of them dothe site.

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