The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Arouse Thee, Herod

Words: Rev. George P. Grantham

Music: Rev. R. F. Smith
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Source: Rev. Richard R. Chope, Carols For Use In Church (London: William Clowes & Sons, Complete Edition, 1894), Carol #135

1. Arouse thee, Herod, fling
Away all case and slumber,
Three monarchs come, who bring
Of slaves a goodly number;
Led by a star of glory,
They seek, so runs their story,
A newborn Jewish King,
A newborn Jewish King.

2. Now, hither come to me,
Priest, scribe, Essene ascetic,
And search ye cut, and see
In mystic scroll prophetic,
In what blest place fair-famed,
The seers have long proclaimed
Messiah born must be!
Messiah born must be!

3. Fair Bethlehem, goodly town!
There shall the Princely Stranger,
Coming from Zion down,
Be born in lowly manger!
Trembled the King this hearing,
A mighty peril fearing
To his own royal crown,
To his own royal crown.

4. Now pass the wide gate through,
And haste for love and pity,
And search with vigour due
For Christ, in David's city!
Return ye then, and lead me,
That I may thither speed me,
And worship Him with you!
And worship Him with you!

5. Ah! Herod, King, refrain
'Gainst Christ so fondly scheming!
With guileful craft in vain
Of impious crime thou'rt dreaming!
Him shall thine eyes see never,
Till He shall come, for ever,
O'er every foe to reign!
O'er every foe to reign!

Sheet Music from Chope

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