The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Angels Speak, Let Men Give Ear

Hymn III.

For Christmas

Words:  Charles Wesley, Hymns for the Nativity of Our Lord (London: Strahan, 1745).

Source: George Osborn, ed., The Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley, Reprinted from the Originals, With the Last Corrections of the Authors. Volume 4. (London: Wesleyan-Methodist Conference Office, 1869), p. 107-108.

1. Angels speak, let men give ear,
     Sent from high, They are nigh,
          And forbid our fear.

2 News they bring us of salvation,
     Sounds of joy To employ
          Every tongue and nation.

3. Welcome tidings! to retrieve us
     From our fall, Born for all,
          Christ is born to save us.

4. Born His creatures to restore,
     Abject earth Sees His birth,
          Whom the heavens adore.

5. Wrapp'd in swathes the' immortal Stranger.
     Man with men, We have seen
          Lying in a manger.

6. All to God's free grace is owing;
     We are His Witnesses,
          Poor and nothing knowing.

7. Simple shepherds us He raises,
     Bids us sing Christ the King,
          And show forth His praises.

8. We have seen the King of Glory,
     We proclaim Christ His name,
          And record His story.

9. Sing we with the host of heaven,
     Reconciled By a Child
          Who to us is given.

10. Glory be to God the Giver,
     Peace and love From above
          Reign on earth for ever.

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