The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Amid The Silence

Words: Polish Carol translated by Angela Morgan

Music: Polish Carol from Christmas and New Year Songs, 1922

MIDI / Noteworthy Composer
Sheet music available at RoDeby Music Company

1. Amid the silence of the solemn night,
Sound the glad summons,
"Lo the king of Light!
Rouse, O shepherds, haste with singing
Christ has come, salvation bringing,
Born at Bethlehem."

2. Gladly the herdsmen sough the Holy Son,
Found in a manger
Christ the sinless one,
Worshipped him with exultation,
"God has brought us full salvation!
Him we shall adore!"

3. Lord, we have hailed thee, many thousand years.
Now through our darkness
Lo, thy star appears.
King and prophets long have named thee,
Priests and martyrs all proclaimed thee,
"Saviour of mankind."


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