The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

All In The Silent Night

Words: E. E. Hewett

Music: I. H. Meredith
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Source: I. H. Meredith and Grant Colfax Tullar, eds., The Bible School Hymnal. New York: Tullar-Meredith Co., 1907, p. 220.

1. All in the silent night,
Numberless angels bright
Came on their wings of light,
Thronging the deep blue sky;
Beautiful songs they sang,
Wonderful echoes rang;
Glory to Christ our King,
Glory to God on high.

Glory, Glory to God!
Glory, Glory to God,
Glory, all glory to God on high!
Let ev'ry listening heart reply;
Glory, Glory to God!
Glory, Glory to God,
Far let the joyful tidings fly;
All glory to God on high!

2. Join in the song so sweet,
How with the shepherds meet,
haste to the Saviour's feet
Worship the Child divine;
Come with the men of old,
Nor let the heart withhold
Aught of its purest gold;
All to the King resign. Chorus

3. Broken the shades of night;
Hail to the Dayspring bright!
Spreading the blessed light,
Tell of a Saviour born,
Till all mankind shall see
Mercy, so great and free,
Till on this earth shall be
Dawn of eternal morn. Chorus

Sheet Music

Note from Authors:

On the echo parts, as indicated by grace notes, select a good soprano voice to sing these passages from a concealed position, or if desired, the instrument alone can play these passages.

Note From Editor:

See the sheet music from the source for the echo parts.

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