The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Advent Song

For Advent

Authorship Unknown

He shall be Emmanuel,
God with us here on earth;
The Prince of peace, the Lord of all,
God-hero, Father-forever,
Wonder counselor, the Son of God

1. Oh the dark is almost over and we've waited far too long.
Half of us are weary and the rest of us are wrong.
But the dawn is almost breaking, and it's waking up our song.
That day is waiting to be born.

2. There's a child that's born to all of us in a stable damp and cold.
There's a star that beckons each of us to bring Him more than gold.
There's a God that sings His song for us each year on Christmas morn.
That God is waiting to be born.

3. He has sheltered us and guided us since time was e'er begun.
He has fed us, He has loved us,
He has sent His only Son.
So let every voice among us in a chorus now be formed.
Our Christ is waiting to be born,
Our Christ is waiting to be born.

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