The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

A Thrilling Voice Rings Clear and High

For Advent

Words: Vox clara terris nos gravi

Translation:  Father Henry Ignatius D. Ryder, Birmingham Oratory, 1883. 

Source: Orby Shipley, Annus Sanctus: Hymns of the Church for the Ecclesiastical Year. Vol. 1. (London and New York: Burns and Oates, 1884), p. 10.

A thrilling voice rings clear and high, 
	To rouse from sleep the slumber-bound ; 
Sink night, and all her shadows fly -- 
	Salvation is for mortals found. 

The expected time at length is here ; 
	Rain down, ye heavens, and give us God, 
Ye clouds ; and let the just appear, 
	Birth of the germinating sod. 

The world's health thou ; the Father's Word, 
	To thee afflicted Sion prays ; 
Oh, let the mourner's prayer be heard, 
	And from the ground the sinner raise. 

Come, O Redeemer, and at last 
	Relieve thy people from their sin ; 
Heaven's-gates thy Father's wrath shut fast 
	Open, and let the suppliants in. 

To thee be glory uttermost, 
	Whom we the world's Redeemer know, 
With Father and with Holy Ghost, 
	While ages everlasting flow. 

Note from Shipley:

9. Vox clara terris nos gravi. Lauds Hymn from the Breviary of Noyon. A thrilling voice rings clear and high. Father Henry Ignatius D. Ryder, Birmingham Oratory, 1883. 

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