The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

A Glorious Star From Heav'n Appeared

For Christmas

Words and Music: English Traditional, From a Birmingham broadsheet.

Music: A Glorious Star, Francis Roads (b. 1943)
London Gallery Quire 208.

1. A glorious star from heav'n appeared
Clear of the clouds of ignorance,
For to redeem lost souls from thrall,
Who by old Adam lost by chance;
Through God our Saviour, Prophet, King.
From heaven, being sent good news did bring.

2. At length the Angel Gabriel came,
To Mary also meek and mild:
“Hail, blessed Virgin, full of grace,
This day thou art conceived with child,
A Saviour for all mankind sure,
She said, “I am a virgin pure.”

3. The Blessed Virgin then the truth,
Told righteous Joseph at that time,
When he perceived all her swelth,
He thought that he had done a crime,
Until the Angel Gabriel said,
“Fear not thy wife, she's a pure maid.”

4. At that same time the Emperor,
Great taxes on his subjects laid;
All subject to where they were born,
They must go where they could abide,
Joseph and Mary, far they rode,
And many a weary step they went,

5. At length they came to Bethlehem,
It being a village that was poor,
The inns and lodgings were so full,
At that same time could hold no more,
But in an ox's stall she lay,
And there she bore it patiently.

6. God pleased was that blessed morn,
Time came she should delivered be,
Which did enjoy their gentle hearts,
A blessed Saviour for to see;
Being both mother, wife, and maid,
She had the laws of God obeyed.

7. No women's help as they could have,
No swaddling bands nor linen fair,
No midwife's help as could they get,
But patiently did she endure.
No costly robes nor such like things,
Although he was the King of kings.

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